Foligen(Now Folexin) – Professional Hair Regrowth Supplement

Foligen(Now Folexin) - Professional Hair Regrowth Supplement
Foligen(Now Folexin) also has preventive treatments, which can be performed even when there are no visible signs of hair deterioration

Why does hair fall out?

The baldness is due in most cases to a hormonal process called androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss is caused by a hormone called DHT and due to an excess of sensitivity to it by the follicles; It is a problem that is accentuated notably when there is a hereditary predisposition. It occurs more frequently among men, although in the Currently there is between 25% and 40% of women who also they suffer from hair fall.

Treatments and Results

Although there are various treatments to combat alopecia, all address the problem from a general point of view, but none is based on an intrinsic study of the particularities that could be causing hair loss in every man or woman; It is much simpler and more profitable to develop a generic formulation so that it can be applied indistinctly in any person, than to study each case in particular and treat it from the full knowledge of the causes that originate the baldness process, such as the methodology offered by Foligen(Now Folexin).


How is Foligen(Now Folexin) different?

Our treatments are based on knowing the specific problem to find a specific solution. To do this, in the first consultation we made a specific analysis of each case, from which, our medical department, formulated a treatment based on lotions of local application and vitamin supplements and amino acids that will be taken in the form of tablets.
The proposed planning is developed by the patient in the comfort of his home, with a monthly visit to the specialist, to evaluate the evolution of the treatment and based on it, to reformulate the products that were being used.Folexin Treatments and Results
In addition, during the monthly consultation for Foligen(Now Folexin), the patient will receive an ultra vitaminic shock, which is applied directly to the scalp through state-of-the-art equipment. The procedure is totally painless and allows immediate reincorporation to activities.
It is very important to treat the fall in its earliest aspects; the time plays a preponderant factor in the quantity and quality of the hair to recover.
Foligen(Now Folexin) also has preventive treatments, which can be performed even when there are no visible signs of hair deterioration, aimed at adolescents and young people, with hereditary predisposition to baldness.


Is it normal for some hair to fall out?
Hair is a fiber composed mainly of proteins and is formed in the middle part of the skin, in what is called pilosebaceous follicle. In the scalp, we have between 100 thousand and 120 thousand follicles that each form a hair.
Under normal conditions, the hair grows 1 centimeter per month, but not all hairs on the scalp are growing at the same time. 90% of the hairs grow while the remaining 10% is resting without growing. When those resting hairs end that rest or rest (usually lasts 2 or 3 months), they fall off and are replaced now by very active hairs that grow continuously. This growth is of variable duration (depending on each person, the weather and time of year) and can last from 2 to 6 years, that is why certain people can have long hair while in others the hair length has a certain limit.
There is a small number of hairs (50-100) that usually fall by day as they end their resting phase and are replaced by new hair that begins to grow.
Is the cause of baldness hereditary?Before and after
Yes, although there are some cases where it is caused by other types of factors such as those already described in the information on our site.
Is there really any treatment that is effective against alopecia?
Yes, since the causes of baldness are known. The problem is that in general, the treatments are generic and do not treat the problem in particular. A preliminary analysis of each particular problem will allow elaborating a specific solution that is really effective. Folexin can help.
How long can a treatment take to give results?
You have to wait between 3 and 6 months to start seeing results with Foligen(Now Folexin). The important thing in cases of alopecia is to have proof since a treatment has taken with interruptions is not effective.
Is it normal for my hair to fall out more after starting a treatment?
Yes. Foligen(Now Folexin) is known as the SHEDDING EFFECT. Shedding is common among people who initiate a treatment. It is normal, although it is paradoxical, that there is an increase in hair loss during the first weeks and even months. This can be hopeless since it seems that the treatment is having the opposite effect. But in reality, it is only temporary. It is not that the hair dies and does not grow back, but only comes to rest and awakens a period of time later. It is not that shedding involves losing hair, simply the follicle changes phase. The shedding is ultimately just the transition of the follicle from the growth phase to the resting phase.
Can several treatments be used at the same time?
Yes, although it is recommended to start with one and wait to see the effects, otherwise it will not be known which was really effective. Folexin Treatments
Do hair massages solve the problem of baldness?
The capillary massages are completely useless since the baldness is not due to the lack of irrigation but to a set of hormonal and hereditary factors. The capillary massages could in no case modify the genetic code of the hair.
Does washing hair every day cause hair loss?
False. Just as the skin of the body should be washed every day, the same should be done with the scalp so that the hair is clean and healthy. When you wash your head, you see that some hairs fall. These were going to fall in the next few hours, and this loss is not because of the hair washing. It is quite normal for some hairs to fall during the bath.
Does using long hair makes hair fall more?
During Folexin treatment, It has nothing to do with the length of the hair with the fall. Many people with hair loss believe that this is because they wear long hair, and decide to cut it to see if they can improve. But the fall is not related to the length of the hair; what happens is that when the hair is short it is harder to notice when it falls.
If I rapo, does my hair grow stronger?
False. The hair will grow in the same way regardless of the length of it.
Does stress cause hair loss?
Not directly. Although it is not the original cause of a large number of pathologies, stress is a contributing factor that catalyzes the development of pathologies in those people predisposed to it, however, it would be false to say that baldness is caused by stress.
Does wearing caps make hair fall?
False. It is a myth that the use of caps provokes baldness since it prevents the hair from getting oxygenated. Such an idea is false, there is no scientific study to prove that hair falls out due to the frequent use of hats and caps.
What care should I have with the hair?
Having bad habits in hair care can be a cause of falling. Using hair tied tightly for a long time can cause hair loss and can effect Folexin Treatment.